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Minor Repairs Prevent MAJOR problems

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Your time is valuable, spent it doing something you enjoy, you live on CAPE COD after all! Go to the beach, get out on the golf course, treat yourself to a day at the spa…Let HONEY-DO HANDYMAN fix the problems around your house or office.

Minor repairs prevent MAJOR problems. We all know the truth in that statement. How many times have you put off some routine maintenance or small repair only to regret it? That’s where Honey-Do Handyman comes in.

Leaky faucets?

Rotted trim?

Loose Bricks?

Missing Shingles?

Get those little projects done before they become big projects.


Have you ever cleaned out your dryer hose and vent? Prevent fires and improve its energy efficiency.


That furniture from IKEA and Staples are such great deals, but the hassle of putting it together can become infuriating…. Let Honey-Do Handyman take those headaches away and you can just enjoy the finished product. (Besides, we carry all those extra parts that are always missing!)


Do you need more storage space? HDH can help you organize your closets, garage, basements and kitchens and maximize the use of your available space. Custom built-ins and cabinets, even just adding more shelving…we can make your space work for you.


Selling your House? Get that punch list done and don’t give the prospective buyers any little things to find. Make sure the closet doors slide smoothly, cabinet hardware is all there, no loose stair treads or floor boards, fix all those holes in the walls and change any light bulbs that have gone out. These things DO matter to the people looking at your house. We can optimize the potential of your house to make it stand out from the rest of the homes in today’s market.


Do you own a rental property? Remember how hard it was to get those good tenants? Don’t give them a reason to look somewhere else… keep your property in good repair and act quickly on their concerns and complaints. Small repairs and cosmetic updates are a lot less expensive than an empty property. 


Do you rent? When something goes wrong in your apartment or office, address it quickly and your landlord will thank you. Let them know Honey-Do Handyman can fix the problem. Remember… Minor repairs prevent MAJOR problems.


Got a huge hi-def TV? Get that flat-screen mounted on the wall and all those wires hidden. Having it sitting on the coffee table just doesn’t work anymore.


You can rest at ease knowing that your honey-do list is finally getting done.

Get that  Honey-Do list off the Fridge and into our hands! Get those repairs and fixes done fast by calling Drew Bollin at 774-487-2829! Let us know what you need done and we will set up an appoinment convienent for you.
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